● Create Account

In the beginning, you have to fill out the basic information requested and create your account.

Note: Ask for the Class Code from your teacher.

There are three main contents in the App, "Textbook," "Homework," and "Learning Tasks."

Click on your name to enter this page and manage your account. You may log out or change your password here.

● Textbook

Click "Textbook" on the main menu to enter this page, and choose the lesson you want by clicking on it.

  1. Home: Back to the List of Lessons
  2. Menu: Go to any unit/section in each lesson.
  3. Previous Page: Go to the previous page.
  4. Next Page: Go to the next page.
  5. Index: Search for all expressions in the book, get pinyin pronunciation guides and English translations, and find the lessons they are used in.
  6. Menu Show/Hide: Show or hide this menu bar.

You can click the text or the play button to listen to the audio.

You can type in English, pinyin or Chinese to search for all expressions in the book, and find the lessons they are used in.

● Homework


Enter this page by clicking "Homework" on the main menu. Click to return to the main menu.

All: a list of all homework, including new assignments not yet done, as well as assignments that are awaiting grading and those that have been graded.
New Assignment: homework assigned but not yet done.
Awaiting Grading: assignments completed, turned in, and waiting to be graded.
Graded: assignments that have been graded by the teacher.

● Type of homework

Read the text provided and type your answer in the blank space. Click in the blank space to see the keyboard and use it to type your answer.

Writing Tasks:
Each lesson also has opportunity to practice handwriting the characters in the App.

Listening Tasks:
Click the play button to listen to the dialogue/paragraph and then answer the question below.

Speaking Tasks:

  1. Click the record button to begin recording your answers.
  2. You will see the play button after you finish recording. Click it to listen to the audio that you have recorded.
If you want to record the audio again, press "stop" first and then click "record" to start over.

After you finish your homework, please click to submit it. You can see the homework you have submitted in "Awaiting Grading." After the teacher grades and returns your homework, you can find all the answers to the questions and the grade under "Graded."

● Learning Tasks

There are eight learning tasks in each lesson.

● Type of practice questions

Play Word Puzzles:
Drag the answer to the corresponding blank space.

Unscramble Sentence:
Listen to the audio or read the phrases in characters and unscramble characters into one correct sentence by dragging the words above the line.

Read and Click:
Read the dialogue/paragraph and decide whether the statement in green is true or false, then click the button.

Write Characters:
Write the Chinese character on the right side. Click the "play" button for the sample on the left to see the correct order of the strokes. Choose the Chinese character you want to practice from the list below.

Listen and Respond:
There are two kinds of methods to answer the questions. One is listen to the audio and then check on the correct box. The other is choose the correct statement of three after listening to the audio.

Make Meaningful Dialogues:
Read the dialogue strips and then scramble them into the right sequence to make the whole dialogue meaningful.

Complete the Presentations:
Read the paragraph and drag the appropriate word above the line to complete the presentation.

Understand Authentic Materials:
Provide authentic materials for learners to practice how to get the information in the real world.